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Frères De Voyages

When I began working on Frères De Voyages, I was living in London, and was about to go on a road trip in Ireland with my girlfriend. I was away from family and friends, who were all in France, and I had been dying to work on my very own project, but I was waiting for the right idea.
It’s when I started to pack for this road trip that it hit me. I was about to buy a new bag, because my old one was damaged and no longer usable. I then realized that I had bought a new bag for each of my big trips, because they never lasted. It was a bit sad not to have anything to connect all the journeys I had been on thus far, so I decided to look for a new one, heavier this time, and stronger. One that would link all my future journeys, no matter where I took it, a true Frère De Voyages.
But the problem was that every time a bag looked great, the lining wasn't heavy enough, and therefore probably wouldn't last very long.

That when I was wandering in London that I had an idea. A leather weekend bag, with denim lining. It seemed obvious to use denim, which is a very resistant fabric used in workwear, and mix it with leather, one of the most luxurious textiles.
Frères De Voyages was born.

I had been waiting for the idea, and here it was. When I mentioned it to my family, they all told me to think twice, I guess they were worrying about me launching a brand while living abroad, and while still being a student back in France. But I was sure that this project was the one. So I started to work on it 24/7, searching for workshops, factories, learning everything I possibly could about leather.

After a few months of work, design, and meetings with a workshop in Italy, I received the very first prototype of the Heritage Bag. Finally, I had it in my hands. A few adjustments, and I emptied all my bank accounts to order the first batch of bags and other products. This was the only moment where I truly stressed about the project. I had €500 left to my name, what if no one wanted to buy my products? What if my market research was wrong?

But after having properly thought about it, I realised that I was proud of what I had accomplished, and that I absolutely loved the bag. I knew we had done a great job, with the men and women handcrafting them bringing their skills and expertise to make a top-class product. Therefore if I loved it, I knew that others would too.
All this time, I have been thinking big. The aim is not to make just a brand, but something more. Something that will take years and years to grow. This is just the beginning.