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Care for your leather bag

Your Heritage bag can be with you for the rest of your life, but you need to look after it, and it's actually quite simple. 

Clean and nourish the leather:

Use a brush to clean it quite often, to remove the dust stuck in it, which causes damages to the leather. Do not use soap or other chemical product, as it will damage the leather. You can use a wet cloth to remove dirt.

Once you've cleaned it, use a leather conditioner. Leather is animal skin, therefore it does need to be moisturised. It prevents him from drying out and cracking, by helping it to keep his natural oils. Use a neutral cream for smooth leather.

You can use a polish to cover some scratches, but you can also leave them like this if you prefer the vintage look.

Always try a product on a hidden part of the bag.


Stock your leather bag:

Use your dust bag to stock it when you don't use it. It will keep it dust-free and protect it against scratches while storing. Always stock it a dry place.

You can also fill it in order to prevent it from losing its shape.


 Beware of the elements:

Protect your bag from direct sunlight, as it can dry out the leather's oils and then damage the leather. Your bag should also not be used when extreme heats.

If you plan on using your bag under the rain, use some products to impermeabilise it, and let it dry by itself when wet, far from any heat source. Never use an hair-drier to dry it, and never put it next to the fire

Pay attention to perfume, alcohol, and other chemical products, which can damage and dry out the leather. Always clean and condition the leather if this happens.


What to expect from your leather bag ?

Leather is a natural product, therefore it always has irregularities, such as vein marks, sometimes scratches. We use Full-grain leather therefore those irregularities have not been corrected, in order to keep a strong and resistant leather. They are totally normal, and show the high quality of the leather.

Each leather ages in its own way. The more you use your Heritage bag, the more scratches it will get and the more character it will have. Your bag tells a story, the scratches will bring you memories, from these holiday in China or this business trip in Finland.

 Light, body oils, dust, dirt and temperature can affect the pH balance in leather, accelerating surface wear. This will result in the leather fading and become lighter, or darker. This is absolutely normal.

You can use Saphir crème surfine to get back to the original brownish colour. I recommand the Havane color ( #34) , but you can use any colour you prefer.