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The Destination Luggage Tag

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One is never fully ready for a journey without an eye-catching but classy luggage tag to always identify your bag on the train or in an airport. Handmade in Florence with full-grain leather, our luggage tag has a vintage steel fastening to make sure you don’t lose it on the road. It can easily fit your details and business card – we’re sure your name will look great next to ours.

The contrast stitching and FDV stamp add some elegant detail. The edges have been hand-painted, so you know it is the result of some wonderful craftsmanship. This luggage tag will age nicely and uniquely over time, all the while reminding you of the amazing places you’ve been to. Why don’t you make it part of your story, and take it with you on your next journey?

For all our products, we use vegetable tanned cowhide leather.

This kind of leather is tanned by using only organic products such as branches, leaves, sometimes even fruits. All this work is done by hand.

This process is more time consuming than tanning with chrome, but no chemicals are used, therefore it is more ecological. Moreover, this process makes it harmless to people who work in the factory. It is the most sustainable tanning.

Tanning the leather with natural product keeps it breathable, compared to chrome tanning where leather is damaged with the use of chemical products, reducing its lifetime.

Vegetable tanned leather ages in a very beautiful way, it develops a patina which makes it unique. It does not have a uniform colour, because of the fact that the process is done by hand, but this is what makes this leather so unique and beautiful. They will get scars from all your journeys, they will age with you. No two products will look the same, they will all tell a different story, yours.

The leather used is Full- Grain leather, which is the whole surface of the skin of the animal, just below the hair. It's the strongest part of the animal's skin. As opposed to Top-Grain leather, it has a lot of irregularities, such as vein-marks, sometimes even scratches, because the leather has not been retouched to remove natural markings. The grain is totally natural and is never the same from one animal to another.

Leather Freres De Voyages

Top-Grain leather has a more uniform appearance because irregularities have been removed by cutting the very top part of the leather, but this process makes it less resistant to wear, and makes it almost impossible to develop a patina.

Our Full-Grain leather is the highest quality leather, from every aspect. It can fade and become darker with age, it's resistant to water and it has kept its unique look. Be aware that this leather may be stiff at the beginning, but it will become softer after a few wears.

Cowhide leather is one of the most resistant leather. It has more grain than calfskin leather, more character, that is what makes it more unique.

All products are hand-made in Italy. Now it's your turn to bring them all over the world.

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We have worked hard to make the best products possible, and are confident they will last for all of your life's journeys, no matter where you bring them.

That is why we will always repair your well-loved products, no matter where you bought them.

All our products come with a lifetime guarantee. If a manufacturing defect appears less than 24 months after you bought it, we'll repair it free of charge, and will pay for shipping to and from our workshop.

For this, just send us an e-mail with your reference number, describing the issue, with photos, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.