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Travel in style

Whether you’re flying business class or economy, there is no excuse not to travel in style. After all, the journey is the destination, right?

Mad men frere de voyage how to travel in style

Packing for a flight


Flying in style starts with packing. If you are flying for only a few days, your Heritage Bag will be the perfect bag for your trip, allowing you to pack a few outfits while avoiding to check-in larger luggage, as you’ll be able to bring it as a carry-on bag. If you’re going straight to a meeting afterwards, it will still look great without giving the impression that you’re going hiking if you carry an old backpack.

If you’re flying for a week or more, a 4-wheeled suitcase will be the easiest choice, coupled with a weekend bag that you’ll bring with you on the plane.

When packing, think about your destination. Bring an adaptor if you need one, you don’t want to have to find a shop at midnight because you have forgotten to bring one.

Don’t roll your clothes, many experts in travel always advise to pack them flat to avoid creases.

Put some stuff inside your shoes, like socks and cables, this way you’ll save some precious space.

Many people who have flown several times often make the same mistake. They pack clothes, whereas they should pack outfits. Knowing which clothes you’ll wear and how you’ll wear them is a must so as to make sure you don’t bring clothes you’re never going to wear because they don’t match your other ones. If you’re meticulous, you can even take a photo beforehand of each outfit, so that you won’t lose time trying to think of what to wear and how to wear it.


What to wear during a flight ?

For the flight, choose fairly loose clothes, you don’t want to have your 25oz denim while sitting for 7 hours in a seat. Light cotton trousers will be perfect, while still looking smart. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t wear sweat pants, which are made for exercise only.

You’re going to have to run in the airport, then wait in lines for a long time, sometimes in the cold, then sit for a few hours in a plane where it’s either too cold or too warm, therefore layering is key. Match your cotton trousers to a white tee-shirt, a flannel shirt if it’s the winter, or a linen one if it’s the summer, and then wear a blazer above it. Jackets with a lot of pockets will save your life, use them for your leather passport holder, your keys, earphones and everything else, and then send the jacket through security, it’s always better than putting all your electronic devices in a “tray“ visible to everyone else.

Go for Chelsea boots as opposed to Red wings or other boots, it’s easier to take them off if needed at security.

In a small bag, put some after-shave, some moisturiser for your face, ear plugs, and other small products you’ll be glad to have during the flight, especially if it’s a long-haul one. You’ll often get one of these small bags of essentials if you’re flying first class, but it’s worth packing it if you don’t. Your skin will get all dried up during the flight, therefore the moisturiser will be your best friend, especially if you go straight to a meeting after having landed.


Always be ready for long journeys

Flights can be very long and your phone will not be good enough to occupy you during 7 hours. A good old notebook will allow you to work and to be productive during those long hours. A book can also be a good idea to pass some time, if you don’t have room for it in your bag, just buy one in the duty-free shops before flying.

Noise cancelling headphones are a great deal if you want to listen to music or simply take a nap.

When you have landed, be a gentleman and help other people to get their luggage if they need help. No need to rush to get out before everyone else, you’ll have to wait at the security controls anyway. Call a taxi as soon as you have landed if you are in a rush, but if you’re in a busy airport, chances are they will be plenty of them waiting there.

Now you know how to travel in style so sit, relax and enjoy.