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Everything you need to know about our materials:

Vegetable-tanned leather:

For all our products, we use vegetable tanned leather.

This kind of leather is tanned by using only organic products such as branches, leaves, sometimes even fruits. All this work is done by hand.

This process is more time consuming than tanning with chrome, but no chemicals are used, therefore it is more ecological. Moreover, this process makes it harmless to people who work in the factory. It is the most sustainable tanning.

Tanning the leather with natural product keeps it breathable, compared to chrome tanning where leather is damaged with the use of chemical products, reducing its lifetime.

Vegetable tanned leather ages in a very beautiful way, it develops a patina which makes it unique. It does not have a uniform colour, because of the fact that the process is done by hand, but this is what makes this leather so unique and beautiful. No two bags look the same, they all tell a different story.

The leather we use is tanned in a historic tannery in Italy. It is brown with red-tones, and will fade over time, making it even more beautiful.

Full-Grain leather:

Freres De Voyages products are all made with  Full- Grain leather, which is the whole surface of the skin of the animal, just below the hair. It's the strongest part of the animal's skin. As opposed to Top-Grain leather, it has a lot of irregularities, such as vein-marks, sometimes even scratches, because the leather has not been retouched to remove natural markings. The grain is totally natural and is never the same from one animal to another.

Top-Grain leather has a more uniform appearance because irregularities have been removed by cutting the very top part of the leather, but this process makes it less resistant to wear, and makes it almost impossible to develop a patina.

Our Full-Grain leather is the highest quality leather, from every aspect. It can fade and become darker with age, it's resistant to water and it has kept its unique look.

Be aware than Full-Grain leather may be stiff at the beginning, but it will become softer after a few wears.

Frères De Voyages leather vegetable tanned

Selvedge denim:

The selvedge Hickory denim is produced in Portugal. It's a fabric with a lot of history, it was indeed used at the beginning of the XXth century for workwear clothes, mainly for americans railway workers. They needed clothes made with hard-wearing, tough yet breathable fabrics, it is therefore no surprise that their official uniform was made of an hickory shirt and cap. The pattern was especially liked by workers because it disguises stains.

Hickory shirts are sometimes described as the shirts who built America, and now this fabric lines our bags.

According to the legend, this fabric has been named Hickory because it was as durable and resistant than hickory wood.


This selvedge denim is a very heavy fabric, more resistant than a non-selvedge one. Its production is also slower and some irregularities do appear on the denim surface, that's what makes it even more unique. This fabric is identifiable with the red self-edge.

Frères De Voyages - selvedge hickory denim


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