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Interview with Mikko (@migigp)

We are launching a new series of interviews with friends of the brand, we'll talk about drinks, travels, clothes... The first one to answer our questions was Liam Jefferies, alias @sartorialchap.

Today we asked Mikko, also known as @migigp to answer our question.

We first met Mikko back in Edinburgh, and he quickly became a friend of us. He's a Finnish guy who moved to Glasgow, and we have to admit we can't get over his photos in the mountains.


Mikko migigp frères de voyages


Your favourite destination for a week-end trip?


After moving to Scotland I compeletely fell in love with the great outdoors and especially the Highlands. I absolutely adore driving and Scotland offers many of the most picturesque roads in the world with stunning glens, lochs and munros all around. I also appreciate the tranquility after the hustle and bustle of the city. 


The essentials you always bring? 


My Orslow fatigue pants if going to the Highlands and lot of layers as nothing beats the versatility. When going for city breaks, blow dryer is a must as I can’t go out with flat hair haha (yet we always forget it and have 3 travels hair dryers at home).


Frères de voyages mikko migigp


What’s the best souvenir you brought from one of your travels?


I only bring souvenirs if I can justify buying them in the first place. For example, from our latest holiday from Portugal I purchased a locally made wool scarf and a cardigan as the weather was much much cooler than expected and they will treat me nicely at home too. It is always nice to support the local independent makers and craftsmen wherever we travel. 


Your drink of choice, at home and on the road?


I’m not much of a drinker but I do enjoy a nice G&T or a full bodied glass of red wine once in a while at home and appreciate a nice Pale Ale when on the road. 



Do you prefer a city or a country break and why?



Both have their charm but I do enjoy a country break with some hill walking and unwinding. City break can become overwhelming if you don’t plan it properly and end up running around to cover all the ”must see spots and must do activities”. That being said, hunting for independent menswear shops in a city is pretty thrilling. ;)


Migigp freres de voyages week end bag


Best road trip soundtrack?


I completely trust my girlfriend’s music taste with a mix of 70’s classics to modern signer-songwriter tunes so I can fully concentrate on the driving but also to admire the views.


Who in IG inspires you style wise?


Goes without saying but Instagram users have had a massive impact on my style which is great but on the other hand can affect on the level of one’s uniquess (and definitely buying behaviour). I always like to showcase something fresh and distinctive rather than be just ”another fit pic bloke” in the huge sea of menswear grammers. Different strokes for different folks applies to style too! 

I can spend hours (read too long) browsing the feeds of creative users, which sometimes makes me wonder why the hell I even bother posting because they’re so damn good. 


What I definitely do appreciate on IG is discovering small inspiring independent brands and makers, whom I’m always happy to support when I need something long-lasting and if I can! 


How would you describe your style ?


No clue, it’s what I feel that suits me and works for my lifestyle! With a gun on my head, I’d say ”slow fashion with a dash of utilitarian heritage”. 


Do you see yourself on IG in 10 years?


Definitely, would love to keep this going as long as it still makes sense and offers something to the fellow users. If it lacks a purpose and I’m not getting anything out of it, I’d have to hang up my boots! 



frères de voyages weekend bag made in italy