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Interview with Liam Jefferies ( @sartorialchap )

We are launching a new series of interviews with friends of the brand, we'll talk about drinks, travels, clothes... The first one to answer our questions is Liam Jefferies, alias @sartorialchap. He is the fashion editor at The Chap Mag which we highly recommend.

Here at Frères De Voyages, we love Liam's style which involves a lot of Ivy inspiration, mixed with Barbour and Carhartt Jackets. Between two rides on his yellow bike, he accepted to answer to our questions.

Frères De Voyages - Liam Jefferies Sartorial chap



Your favourite destination for a week-end trip?


I’d have to say my favourite is Groningen in the Netherlands, it has that same Dutch sense of synchronicity without all the tourists of places like Amsterdam. Because it is a student city there is always loads to do as well. I’m also a sucker for a sour beer.


The essentials you always bring? 


Shoe bags, the felt ones work great for a quick shine, and it forces you to bring a second pair of shoes. There’s nothing worse than blisters on a city break.



What’s the best souvenir you brought from one of your travels?


I try to get something everywhere I go, a watchcap from Prague, a sweater from Antwerp, a tie from Lyon, but the thing that has come most in handy was a domino set I won at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen on the roll-a-ball horse derby. 


Your drink of choice, at home and on the road?


At home, I like a scotch, neat. When out and about I usually have an Old Fashioned. That way, if the spirit is cheap it’s hidden by the bitters.


Tell us a funny anecdote from one of your travels?


I was in Budapest over my birthday and went to the Széchenyi Baths, beautiful place. Against the advice of my girlfriend I opted not to wear my flip-flops. I was descending the marble spiral staircase and was turning to my girlfriend to say something witty like “good thing these handrails are made of brass, that grippiest of materials” when I lost my footing and slipped down about 15 stairs, popping my shoulder out of its socket in the process.

After I signed a waiver the staff sat me next to the main entrance (was I a cautionary example?) and had me wait for a big Hungarian paramedic who simply picked me up by my wrist and the shoulder popped back into place. I was chuffed that I didn’t have to go to the hospital, but the trip to the pinball museum was slightly marred by my arm in a sling. 

When they were filling out the incident report they asked for my birthday, to which I replied “today”. No cake though.


Frères De Voyages - Liam Jefferies Sartorial chap


Do you prefer a city or a country break and why?


I prefer a city break for a weekend trip. You fit so much in. Between recommendations from friends and tripadvisor it’s hard to put a foot wrong, and if you do there’s a pub around the corner.



Best road trip soundtrack?


At the moment I’m getting heavily into 70s bands such as Faces, Dr. Hook and Bread. Mellow stuff. When I’m travelling I like podcasts, my favourites are Lore, GOSSIPMONGERS and Athletico Mince.


Who in IG inspires you style wise?


@benton.down, @anovelsuit, @darrenj201, @christopher_pizarro & @craigsimpsonartist, to name a few.


Do you see yourself on IG in 10 years?


With any luck I’ll have someone to manage my IG for me, I’ll be far too busy with my career as an international diamond thief.


Frères De Voyages - Liam Jefferies Sartorial chap