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The Frères De Voyages Card Holder

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The Heritage Bag

I want to be part of the adventure


The Heritage Bag will be my trusty companion wherever the road takes me. Can’t wait to break in the veg-tanned leather and see it form it’s shape along with me. For a denim fanatic, the Hickory selvedge denim lining takes this already glorious bag to another level. The details are so fine and well though out. I see this becoming my go-to bag for everything



 I really like the vintage vibes of the Heritage Bag and its shape, which remind me of bowling bags. But it's also the details which made me chose this bag and not another. Full-grain leather with grain, veg-tanned by hand in Italy, lined with selvedge hickory denim produced in Portugal, handmade in Florence etc. For a first bag, it's truly a success !

Comme Un Camion


The Heritage Bag has many impressive qualities. Nothing is left to chance,there are plenty of details which never betray the original idea. A well-made, sturdy and beautiful bag.I've used my Heritage Bag for a few months now, and I'm delighted with it. It's solide, it withstands shocks and it's starting to fade nicely.

Jamais Vulgaire


The Heritage bad is such a well designed bag. I take it everywhere with me and it's a perfect size. It's beautifully constructed and the little touches are stunning. I love the selvedge lining and the quality of the leather is just wonderful. 


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Frères De Voyages was born in 2018 when we thought of creating the perfect blend between class and workwear in order to develop a week-end bag which could accompany its owner wherever their life's journey may take them. The idea was encapsulated in the very first Frères De Voyages product, the Heritage Bag, which was developed to be a stylish and reliable companion on the road, in the air, on week-ends, on business trips or on your daily commute. It is made for the modern gentleman.

The Heritage Bag would contain memories,would age with you and would be a heirdom to leave behind which personified its owner's varied and colourful life.

Handmade in Florence.

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